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1 <br />2 <br />3 <br />4 <br />5 <br />6 <br />7 <br />8 <br />9 <br />10 <br />11 <br />12 <br />13 <br />14 <br />15 <br />16 <br />17 <br />18 <br />of Boca Jzato <br />1nc0rporated__1 925 <br />ORDINANCE <br />5407 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF BOCA RATON <br />AMENDING CHAPTER 9, CODE OF ORDINANCES, TO <br />CREATE A NEW ARTICLE VI, "PROHIBITION OF <br />CONVERSION THERAPY ON MINORS," PROHIBITING THE <br />PRACTICE OF CONVERSION THERAPY ON PATIENTS <br />WHO ARE MINORS; PROVIDING FOR SEVERABILITY; <br />PROVIDING FOR REPEALER; PROVIDING FOR <br />CODIFICATION; PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE <br />WHEREAS, as recognized by major professional associations of mental health <br />practitioners and researchers in the United States and elsewhere for nearly 40 years, being <br />lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or gender nonconforming, or questioning (LGBTQ) is not a <br />mental disease, disorder or illness, deficiency or shortcoming; and <br />WHEREAS, the American Academy of Pediatrics in 1993 published an article in its <br />Journal, stating: "Therapy directed at specifically changing sexual orientation is contraindicated, <br />since it can provoke guilt and anxiety while having little or no potential for achieving changes in <br />orientation;" and <br />1 <br />